AscellaHealth Identifies Key Health Trends for 2024: Forecasts Robust Outlook for Specialty Pharmacy Industry

DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--AscellaHealth a global healthcare and specialty pharmacy (SP) solutions company, today publishes forecasted specialty pharmacy industry trends for 2024, as industry stakeholders brace for transformative changes across the healthcare ecosystem.

2024 Key Specialty Pharmacy Market Trends

Cell & Gene Therapies (CGTs) for Rare Disease

Increased approvals of CGTs across the UK, Europe and worldwide, and an expansive new product pipeline, underscore significant strides in the development and introduction of these novel treatments. AscellaHealth anticipates an accelerated number of clinical trials, with a substantial focus on oncology and rare diseases. Notably, the introduction of CRISPR-based treatments stands out as a hallmark of groundbreaking progress, promising innovative and targeted solutions for previously untreatable conditions.

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